What if the superheroes had their powers in childhood? How could be an ordinary school day?
I started this illustration for a contest, years ago, but soon I had to leave the competition for a lack of spare time. I've resumed it many times, through the years, I also changed render engine and now, finally, I've got enough time to finish it. The last few years have been difficult to me, on a personal level, and not leaving this illustration unfinished was important to me. I hope you enjoy it as I do.

For this project I used several software, but the biggest part was made in Cinema 4d. I started sculpting the characters heads in Zbrush. First I sculpted a base head, then I did every character using dynamesh. I modeled the bodies in Cinema 4d (I also modified the heads with the sculpting module) and posed them with a quick rig. Some clothes are sculpted in Zbrush, some are made in Marvelous Designer, and some... both. In the first place, I used the c4d physichal render engine, but then I "discovered" V-Ray for c4d, so I decided to convert the whole project. Only Dr. Manhattan is been rendered with c4d render engine, because I was not satisfied with the v-ray result.
I am not a superhero comics fan, but I've enjoyed including in my illustration many easter eggs. It's been amusing to search for references and I must admit that I didn't know some characters I hinted to in this image, like Jax-Ur, Namor or Zatanna.