I made this image for an Italian contest called "Night Lights". The night lights of my image are those of an ufo, silently flying above a country road. The piece would represent a just happened alien abduction. When the driver sees the ufo, he stops the car and gets out, but just one moment  after the ufo flies over his head, the man is gone. I wanted a silent adbuction, no witnesses. To give a feeling of normality, only broken by the ufo and the empty car, the road and the trees have an ordinary look, not scary. The whole scene should be melancholic, rather than frightening. I imagine the car retrieval, the next morning: headlights shut off, battery dead and no clues about the driver…
All has been made in Cinema 4d, from modeling to rendering. I used mograph for trees (mapped planes) and rocks, and hair for grass. Smokes and fogs are volumetric lights. Post production is limited to color correction and little retouches.