I love ducks, especially the Disney ducks! For sure Donald Duck and his uncle, Scrooge McDuck, are my favourites classic Disney characters. I chose the second one for his iconic poses, very fun to replicate. After seeing a lot of references, I selected five famous poses and I handled those like five different miniatures, with a base and some accessories, but with more fine details than in a real toy.
The most interesting part was to take a 2D character and convert it into a 3D character. In 3d world you can't cheat or, at least, less than in 2D flatworld, so my model had to works in any view. An instant recognizability was one of my goals. I wanted it to be very similar to the traditional cartoon, but, in the same time, concrete and tangible.
Above, you can see a video presentation of the model. I tried to give it the same mood of the classic Disney shorts. The video is composed of many different shots, linked each other in one fake long take. I used After Effects for compositing.
All 3d parts had been made in Cinema 4D. I modeled Scrooge and his clothes in T-pose, then I modeled the bases and I did a simple rig, to pose the characters on them. For the coins disposition, I mainly used mograph and dynamics. I rendered the still images and the video presentation with the Cinema 4d physical renderer.